Call of International Refugee and Sans-Papiers Movements for European Wide Protest March or Caravan to Brussels
4. - 5. Januar 2014 | Vorbereitungstreffen im KTS Freiburg (Baselerstr. 103, 79100 Freiburg)

Dear comrades,

Some months ago, international refugee and sans-papiers movements started to organize together a european wide protest march or caravan to Brussels. The outcome of the preperation meetings until today is the organisation of decentralized actions regarding the migratory- and assylum policies in Europe, and the mobilization for the protest march. The campaign started officially on the 18th of december, global day of action against racism, for the rights of refugees, migrants and displaced people.
This time, the Berlin refugee strike group is organizing the next preparation meeting in Freiburg. We therefore invite all self-organizations or initiatives of refugee and sans-papiers in Europe to join this meeting. It will take place on the 4th and 5th of January 2014 in the KTS Freiburg, in Baselerstr. 103, 79100 Freiburg im Breisgau and it will start on Saturday at 1pm. One of the crucial points to be discussed on this meeting will be weather we arrive in Brussels in may for the European parliament elections or in June for the European migration summit. See bellow the proposal of topics for the meeting. The sleeping places and meals will be organized by the Berlin group.

Please send us a mail to confirm the number of participants from your group to:
Regarding your arrival, please contact these following numbers for more information :
English, Arabic, French : Asim 0049152 17009659 and Adam 0049152 13750147
German, Italian, Spanish, French, English : Lea 0049152 18958811
German, English, Turkish : Nadiye 0049157 30063279

Looking forward to see you in Freiburg,
International solidarity and freedom for all!
Oranienplatz Berlin Refugee Strike

Proposal for a structure:
Friday and Saturday:
Until 1 pm: arrival and snacks
1-2 pm: welcoming, short presentation, short introduction of the actual situation of the movements in the different places
2-4 pm: discussion and decision about the time of the march/caravan (when does it starts)
4-5 pm: break with food
5-9 pm: Image and concept of the caravan/march (mass-mobilisation?, who to adress? Bus?, walking?, Demonstrations?, actions?, how media-work?, etc.), Action ideas & where the march/caravan starts
9-10 am: breakfast
10-11 am: presentation & discussion about Slogan and Logo & Name/concept of our network, decisions
11-12 am: timetable until the caravan/march (next steps, action-ideas, further meetings) should be a collection of ideas - preparation of ideas beforehand!
12-2 pm: building and defining tasks of working groups (infrastructure, action, media, communication, calls, mobilisation etc.)
2-3 pm: break and food
3-4 pm: How to cross borders without papers or with insecure residence status? (legal advices, networking and exchange of experiences)
4-5 pm: closing round, missing points