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Berlin, 21.1.2001

New version published;
8th edition of Documentation (only in German available)
"Bundesdeutsche Flüchtlingspolitik und ihre tödlichen Folgen" 1993 bis 2000 
German`s Refugee Policy and its deathly Consequencies - 1993 to 2000

The general call to all Germans for a "Revolt of Decent people", or the call to stand up for decency and the interference headlined the public debate like the press in summer 2000. This mockery expresses the real State racism and the human disdained refugee policy. Moral appeals without consequencies in policy-making will rather strengthen racism in the society.
Senior officials responsible for the restrictive regugee policy in Germany are proud of the declining number of refugees like of the insignificant proportion by granting asylum. This is a result of closed borders, a scandalous or ill-treatment of refugees and the sworn intention in order to bar these persons the residence in this country. This happens among others through refusal (rejection) and deportations of Asylum Seekers, who were victims of ill-treatments and persecuted by no-governmental entities or groups in their home countries; this also happens for example through consistent ignoring of women-specific escape`s reasons. 
A Somalian refugee, who fled from Germany after an unsuccessful asylum seeking to escape forced deportation to her home country, had been granted a protection on December 19th, 2000, in England and could not be sent back to Germany. The British High Court stated and commented: 
"... Germany is "unsafe" Country, for asylum seekers, because Germany (near France) recognizes only as refugees those who face persecution from the State in their own country. Britain adapts a wider interpretation and includes persecution by other ethnic groups or political organisations. Five law lords said, it was agreed that Germany would probably return Ms Adan to Somalia, where she could face persecutions".
While German borders become more impervious to refugees and those, who come through, are being tracked down with High-Tech and are hunted, bitten and taken by dogs, the defence against refugees within Germany looks different. A net of laws, an powerful army of brains behind the scenes like a host of police and frontier guard officials stand opposite to each and every refugee. The State racism becomes particularly clear, if hundreds of refugees are quartered in barracks behind barbed-wire fences facing also prohibition to leave their locality of residence, village or town (Residenzpflicht = Duty Residence/Compulsory residence!). At the end of the asylum process and residence in Germany deportation is being enforced by using different methods and tricks, particularly violence. Over 2300 individual cases, we have documented, show clearly a small extract from the reality of the Germans refugees` policy.

The Documentation covers the period of 1.1.1993 to 31.12.2000:
119 refugees died on the way into the Federal Republic Germany or at its borders, about 89 of them alone at the German Eastern border,
283 refugees were seriously injured while trying to cross the border, about 144 of them at the German Eastern borders,
92 refugees commit suicide in view of their imminent deportation or died while attempting escape deportation; 45 people among them died in deportation prisons, 
310 refugees injured themselves from fear of deportation or to protest against imminent deportation (mostly through risky hunger strike) or tried to commit suicide; about 214 of them were in deportation prisons while they did these actions, 
5 refugees died during the forced deportation,
159 refugees were seriously injured due to compulsory measures or ill-treatments, during the deportation,
13 refugees died in their home countries after being deported and at least
276 refugees were tortured and ill-treated by police or military in their home countries after being deported,
46 refugees were victims of forced disappearances after their deportation, 
10 refugees died due to police violence, 145 were severely injured by police or gards of deportation prisons, 
54 peoples died due to fires in refugees' barracks; 492 refugees were partly injured,
10 refugees died due to racist attacks on street. 

More refugees (around 239) died in Germany due to official (state) measures of Federal Republic of Germany than through racist attacks (around 64 refugees). 
The documentation is available only in German version for 15,00 DM (+Porto);
The Online version will be soon available under: www.berlinet.de/ari