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Gemeinsam gegen Rassismus!


Since December 1988 the ANTI RACIST INITIATIVE has been actively working in the areas of publicity and education. The Initiative is a recognized non-profit organization.

The Anti Racist Telephone is the first independent information and reporting switchboard in Germany for victims of racist violence and discrimination.


Since 1991, the Magazine of Anti Racist Groups, co-published with the Anti Racist Telephone in East Berlin, has served to document information received over theAnti Racist Telephoneand to discuss tactics and political demands of the anti-racist movement here and abroad.

The list of those excluded and discriminated against in our society is a long one.

Through our activities we don't just want to call attention to the increasing violent attacks against refugees and immigrants. Rather we want to make visible and fight against racism and discrimination on all social levels; for example in kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, in the workplace, looking for an apartment, at the immigration office, at the social services office, through the police and courts....

In order to bring about equality for everyone who lives here, our political struggle is also directed against legally mandated exclusions and disadvantages which limit the access to material resources and democratic participation solely to Germans (defined through "racial" criteria). Legal equality alone will not abolish the racism in our society. It is however a necessary pre-requisite for defending human rights and putting up resistance to racism and discrimination.

Mission and Goals

We collect information about racist discrimination, threats and attacks and about the activities of racist cliques, organizations and parties.

We document the reports received by the Anti Racist Telephone and seek to publicize them (anonymously if so desired) in newspapers and other media. Because we see ourselves above all as a political initiative and since we aren't able to offer professional psycho-social counseling, the publicity work is especially important. When publicizing a report we work together with those who called it in wherever possible.

The goals and tasks of the Initiative, the Telephone and the ZAG are:

What we have to offer

We will arrange lawyers and counselors for those affected by racism and inform them of other initiatives and political groups. Our "Racism and Police" working group supports those who are illegally arrested and those who endure racist insults and abuse by officers. We let people know about meetings, seminars, actions and other events regarding this issue. We also organize such events. For example we provide speakers for events in schools and try to collect information for anti-racist education.

Our magazine ZAG is published quarterly and can be ordered from the address below.

The Anti Racist Initiative is always open for engaged activists for the realization of ideas "left behind" and the development of new ideas.

The ANTI RACIST  TELEPHONE can be reached at +49-30-785-7281

In addition the office is irregularly staffed Monday through Friday. And you can always leave messages on the answering machine which is checked daily.

Yorckstr. 59 D-10965 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-785-7281
Fax.: +49-30-786-9984 E-Mail: ari@ipn.de