Our VOICE for Nico P.
The VOICE Berlin and the Plataforma for Refugees and Migrants
Our VOICE, Berlin, 01.04.2009

The activist from the Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh and the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, Nico P., is once more under the German racist systematic persecution of refugees in Germany.

Nico lives in one of the lagers in Sachsen-Anhalt in the city of Burg, got in a civil union to his German partner since 2007 and still cannot carry on his daily life like any other family man.

Forced to stay in his lager since 2003, our brother has been experiencing destruction under isolation, observations, discriminatory and racist harassments and not to mention constant deportation threats. He has experienced apartheid in the form of the Residence Obligation law and other forms of discrimination through the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz. Still he refused to subdue despite all threats to the State persecution against refugees and has been fighting a long time for the well-being of refugees and migrants, especially for the truth behind the murder of one of our brothers Oury Jalloh. To show that his fight is against this racist system and not the people fighting against it, he got into a civil union with his German partner. This in itself is a crime against the racist state of Germany that denies his rights to live in co -existence with his partner. Through one of its racist instruments the Alien office (Ausländerbehörde) of Burg district, he is being made to pay back for defending his existence.

We from the VOICE refugee forum in Germany condemn once more the racist treatment of Nico. We condemn this system that make laws and defy them and still call itself a constitutional State. We will not adhere to a system that formulates and execute laws in which we or any of our kind is made to be an under-human. We denounce the terror that is being levied on Nico and the thousands of refuges that have to go under such processes. We stand for Nico and his right to a family and a life free from State-sponsored and society-executed racism. Criminality through lagers, the Residence Obligation law and deportation has been a symbol of German orchestrated cruelty for decades and this is what has been made to bestow on Nico and others. We will fight to stop it and with Nico we will fight.

We support NICO's demands for freedom of movement and Residence

The VOICE Berlin and the Plataforma for Refugees and Migrants