Freitag, 14. - Sonntag, 16. November 2014 | Refugee Conference (Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, Berlin-Kreuzberg)

Nov. 14th 16th there will be the Refugee Conference at Mehringhof in Berlin

The conference is organized by and for people, who are positioned as refugees in Berlin and surrounding areas in Brandenburg
We are a small group of supporters, who are trying to help out with some of the infrastructure.
We are not involved in the actual conference program, nor do we think we should be.
So, in order for the activists to meet and focus on their issues, a lot of stuff is needed, specifically interpreters, child care, food, sleeping places, and some general stuff.

this is the Email were you can make contact if you have anything to offer:

It would be so great if you and/or your groups and projects could help out with the following:

1. Interpreters: for the following languages - mainly to/from English French to and from (these are some suggestions - any additional languages welcome!): - Arabic - French - Farsi - Spanish- Bambara - Turkish Romani Italian - Urdu
It is expected that the main conference languages will be English and French. Hence, we thought it best to have one meeting of all translators/interpreters before the conference to talk about how to coordinate different translation situations.
We are trying our best to organize headsets. If you have any ideas as to where to get them and how to set them up, please let us know :) If you are interested, please let us know, which languages you can interpret to and from and for how long you can imagine to do so (e.g. "French Arabic; 2x1.5 h with break"). If you would like to help please e-mail

2. Child Care: It would be great to be able to offer child care. The best solution might be to have an extra group that is responsible for preparing the space, figuring out what is needed (toys, arts and crafts stuff, etc.) and how to entertain the kids, covering the shifts, etc. If you are interested, please let us know if you would like to be part of such a group or might just want to cover a shift, and if it's ok to pass on your info to those, who are also interested. If you would like to help please e-mail

3. Food: The conference organizers would like to make in possible for people to cook themselves, while supporters are being asked to get the necessary ingredients and help out cutting veggies, etc.. If you are interested, please let us know if you'd be up for food shopping and helping with the cooking. Please e-mail

4. Other stuff: contacts, who can afford to donate compensations for services like translations, etc. tobacco, filters, papers, cigarettes cash who would organize sleeping places for conference attendees to organize transport to and from the conference for organizing and setting up tech equipment, such as sound system; audio equipment for translations; computers; internet access

To organize a PARTY: the conference organizers would be happy if someone were to organize a get together/party on Sunday. Is there a group, who'd be up for doing that? If you are interested in organizing sleeping places or the party and/or in helping out with transport and/or technical equipment, please stop by at the conference orga meeting, which takes place every Friday around 7pm at Oranienplatz (in 28 doors).
Any help is welcome! Feel free to spread the word and to e-mail for questions related to this mail. Thank you and all the best.

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