Aufruf des Freiheitsmarsches von Geflüchteten Straßburg - Brüssel:
Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014 | Auftakt: Grenzüberschreitung Freiburg-Kehl-Straßburg

Dear all

As you probably know, in the last months people close to the Oranienplatz movement have put all their energy and hope into the organisation of the Freedom March from Strasbourg to Brussels.

This exceptional project is supported by individuals, groups and movements from all over the world who believe that the European border and migration regime needs to change for the better. The hundreds of people who died at the shores of Lampedusa last October are just one highly publicised example of a daily tragedy. A collective of journalists has proved that at least 23.000 people died on their way to Europe since 2000 (the-migrants-files).

*The good news is that people affected by this plight have decided to break isolation, stand up together and claim their right to a dignified life. In a symbolic 500 km march leaving from the European Parliament of Strasbourg on May 20, 2014, they will take the risk of crossing many borders and hopefully reach Brussels one month later, on June 21, with the will to participate in the European Council's summit on migration and asylum (26-27 June).*

What this utopia needs to become reality is idealism and solidarity. So please come and march with us - at least for a portion of the route - and tell other people about it!

Of course, some financial support would prove to be very helpful, too. It would help make the march accessible to all, especially to those who are kept in isolated camps.

Also, hundreds of marching people will need water and food for more than one month. This will be easy to provide if many people contribute with a small amount. Please join the effort by a donation to our crowdfunding page.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please share them with us!!! :)
We would be very happy if you became part of this project - in any way whatsoever! :)
Hoping to march with you in May and June!
the Berlin group co-organising the march (join our plenary every Sunday at 3pm in the working room next to Café Kotti, at Kottbusser Tor)
P.S.: You are welcome to join us on facebook: